Eko Metal Industries Sdn Bhd

About EKO

Primary/Core Business  :  Aluminum / Zinc Precision Die-Casting
   :  Sheet Metal / Stamping / Machining / Extrusion
   : Mechanical Sub Assembly
Product Category  :  Telecommunications, Consumer/Home/Industrial Applications, Audio/Visual, Heat Sinks, Mechanical, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Medical
Business Interests  :  i). Manufacturing and Assembly Services;
ii). OEM to ODM capability;


Statement of Business Purpose & Objectives :

The company endeavors to conduct its business with full vigor and enthusiasm to provide opportunities for growth for all its stakeholders through the continuous improvement of its employee’s skills and knowledge as well as the upgrading of its technological and process capabilities within the highly competitive Aluminum precision Die Casting industry. This, together with the right ideology, business model and strategic mind-set, enables the company to ensure continuous high value, quality parts and services for its current esteemed customers as well as to match or exceed future stringent demand standards.

Our primary business activities are currently well supported by Eko Metal Industries Sdn Bhd (EMI), which specializes in Al/Zinc precision die-casting products while Eko Industrial Parts Sdn Bhd (EIP) offers unsurpassed expertise in sheet metal chassis, covers, box-builds as well as Al extrusion, metal stamping panels and machining parts that consistently exceed rigorous and discerning MNCs and domestic export-oriented customer’s quality standards.