Eko Metal Industries Sdn Bhd

EKO’s People


The company’s Management system and practice ensures that all employees, irrespective of position or level, receive our utmost attention on their work related as well as personal needs. The company will ensure that all basic needs, hygiene as well as motivational needs are looked into as much as possible to facilitate the employee’s work routine and tasks accomplishment.

The company ensures that all new employees are being adequately assisted and supervised as much as possible. EKO will also practice Annual Dinner gatherings, periodic communication lunch with all level of employees and distribution of essentials and foodstuffs, especially for foreign workers.

Lastly, EKO always emphasis Safety First on all shop-floor and work areas with personal PPE being provided for all relevant employees in their respective work areas as safety violations and indiscipline are taken seriously in the premises.



EKO will organize cleanliness projects around the factory vicinity and yearly visit to any of the charity house to do donations and contribution.