Eko Metal Industries Sdn Bhd


The management fully recognizes the importance of a code of ethics to be established as a policy and guideline for all employees to follow and adhere to in order to maintain the goodwill and reputation of the company. To this effect, the following highlights represent some of the key policies in maintaining a high level of ethics within the company.

  1. No conflict of interests should exist for any employee when formally in employment. No employee shall conduct any non-company sanctioned activities that will be in direct competition, conflict or placing the company at a distinct disadvantage because of similar products, process, knowledge or technology
  2. All business and commercial transactions as conducted by respective employees represent the goodwill and name of the company and shall be in accordance with the company's legal and authorized practices
  3. All transactions are to be transparent and open with relevant team or group decision making followed by management buy-off and approval
  4. All relevant employees are also made aware of Companys IP (intellectual property) rights which are protected and accorded confidentiality from the day of employment through a signed pledge and documented for benefit of both parties
  5. All relevant employees are also required to respect and treat our customer's proprietary information with full confidentiality and will be supportive of any NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) as and when required during the course of mutual business communication and discussions