Eko Metal Industries Sdn Bhd

CNC Machining

In EKO, multi-axis CNC milling and turning equipment has solidified our reputation as a supplier for the difficult to place parts that require a high degree of manufacturing difficulty. We do also provides unique customer demand for smaller quantities and drastically reduced lead time.

When it comes to machining, we have two separated division which cater for Die Cast Machining and Precision Solid Machining.


Die Cast Machining

In EKO we will add on the milling process on the precision die cast part such as drilling, tapping or some needed the flatness to be controlled and we will add on surface milling process. Common material to be added machining process such as Alu and Zinc.

Solid Precision Machining Part

EKO also do cater for customer enquiry about solid Precision Machining or Turning part. We do run in-house with our latest CNC Machine to cater for the demand. Common material to produce Precision Machining Part such as Alu, Zinc, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Zinc and so on..


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