Eko Metal Industries Sdn Bhd


In current modern world, before we kick off any awarded project we will further discuss with customer in order to meet the expectation of the finish good parts requirement.

We ensure the discussion will able to transform the part into mass production with peace of mind.

EKO also offer variation of materials, processes, surface finishes and more in order to manufacture precision parts for our customer.

  1. Design For Manufacturing
    EKO will kick off with the Design For Manufacturing (DFM) with the customer in order to get approval and thereafter we will turn in to mass production. We offer wide variety such as flow simulation, computer aided verification and more in order to meet the requirement.
  2. Surface Finishing & Plating
    EKO will also further discuss with customer on the surface finshing requirement before we kick off any new project in order and fulfill customer corrosion requirement.
    As such we offer variety of finishing such as chromate, anodizing, wet paint, powder coating and more.
  3. Prototype
    EKO also do provide prototype tooling especially for sheet metal division as this processes is good for great short run or low volume production alternative when production required quantities are low.