Eko Metal Industries Sdn Bhd

Mechanical Sub Assembly Process


Back on 2011, EKO has effectively worked with our customers to develop value add services to aid them in the manufacturing of their products. Customers rely on our capability to not only manufacture their individual components, but to also assemble and test their products and deliver a semi finish good parts.

From a simple "peened" 2-piece component, to very complex high precision assemblies with close tolerance inspection requirements, EKO consistently provides our customers with a low cost, value added alternative based on customer requirement.

  • Mechanical Assemblies (Screw)
  • Press Fit (Guide Pin/ Light Guide/Contact Pin)
  • Functional Testing (Fan/Heater)
  • Rivet Installation
  • Clinching Nut/Stand-off Insertion
  • Bearing Installation
  • Gluing Process (Loctite Application)
  • Gasket Installation
  • Label Assembly